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The direct target group of the project includes employees of logistics departments employed with logistics, manufacturing and distribution enterprises. The lot4eng.com project will afford them an opportunity to participate in a training designed to improve the skills they have and to develop new competencies that will be, according to their managers, required in the future.

E-learning trainings will allow for teaching customized content, required by each participant individually to achieve the exact competencies that are expected of him. Trainings can be conducted at any place (eg. at home or at work) and any time, subject to availability of time, which is an additional advantage.
Employees taking part in trainings not only enhance their competencies to the benefit of the enterprise they are employed with, but also increase their value by building up the skills their employer will appreciate, and minimize the risk of developing competence gaps, hampering their future employment opportunities. Another target group includes coaches, instructors and vocational teachers in the area of logistics.

Survey conducted among managers of enterprises mentioned above will give them the information on the competencies required from the employees, which is sure to translate into an improved efficiency of their work. On top of that, the integration of lot4eng.com with the LogisticsTube platform will provide beneficiaries with access to the training database and to tools for creating new modules.

An indirect target group will include logistics, manufacturing and distribution enterprises. Their managers will be able to both report the most important, in their view, competencies of logistics employees, and to train selected employees. Thus the enterprises will receive support in the form of free trainings, tailored exclusively to their needs.

By reporting the competencies in demand, enterprise managers will influence the content of created e-learning modules. As a result, their employees will obtain required competencies, which, in line with the key competencies reporting guideline, will positively affect the operation of the organization.


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